Agility and Rally

Get ready for an adventure with your dog

Jump into Agility: Picture your dog dashing through tunnels, leaping over hurdles, and conquering ramps. It's like a doggie obstacle course extravaganza!

Agility is all about boosting your pup's physical fitness, balance, and coordination while they have a blast and build a lifetime special team bond with you. 

Play and Bond: Both agility and rally obedience classes are fantastic opportunities to exercise your dog's body and mind, all while making cherished memories together. The best part? Your dog will be grinning from ear to ear as they tackle challenges and earn delicious rewards.

Team Spirit: These classes are more than just training; they're about creating an unbreakable bond between you and your four-legged pal. You'll both feel the thrill of teamwork and celebrate victories together.

Join Us! Come be a part of our dog-loving community. You'll meet fellow dog enthusiasts, make lifelong friends, and have a howling good time.

Unlock Your Dog's Potential: Get ready to discover your dog's hidden talents and build a deeper connection with them. Together, you'll embark on an exciting journey of growth and fun.

Class Schedule

Our new class schedule is being developed. If you would like to know when our next class is available, please fill out the contact form below.

Send me class info when available.